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Rosacea- and broken capillary treatment, spiderveins and telangectasia removal

How is the PTF machine different from other intense pulsed light devices?

PTF (Photo Therapy Flash) machine has a patented technology upgraded from the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) offering greater versatility higher accuracy and efficacy compared to old technology models. The large PTF treatment spot 10cm2, containing dual parallel Xenon flash lamps offers a quick treatment, consistent flash strength to the entire treatment area, more comfort and safer treatments compared to the old IPL machines where the handpiece contained only one Xenon lamp. Our machine has Medical CE certificate!

Treatment principle: Thespecially selected light spectrum activates fibroblast to produce new collagen and elastic fibers, smoothing skin and returning elasticity to skin. Meanwhile, the photo-thermal effect produced by PTF energy accelerates the microcirculation of blood vessel, achieving the effects of reducing wrinkles and shrinking pores.

How is the treatment carried out?

Firstly, the area is cleansed and disinfected. Cooling gel is used for maximizing comfort for the patient during treatment. The glass applicator on the handpiece is placed in contact with skin surface and the special PTF light is multi-pulsed onto the skin. The applicator is then moved to the neighboring area and the shot is repeated until full coverage of the treatment area iscomplete.

In order to enhance treatment results we use active serums and vitamin masks.

Treatment is administered in a series of procedures that provides excellent long-term results and high client satisfaction. There is no down-time related with this treatment and you can immediately return to your normal daily activities.

What part of the body can be treated?

All body parts can be treated: face, neck, décolleté, legs, etc.


facial veins removal, rosacea treatment, spiderveins removal


facial veins removal, rosacea treatment, spiderveins removal

How long does the treatment procedure take and how many treatments are necessary?

Since every patient is different an initial consultation is necessary to determine treatment goals and to set up a treatment plan. We customize the treatment course to your individual needs. The number of treatments depend on the severity of the condition and the sensitivity of the skin. A course of rosacea treatment may be between 5 to 10 sessions. Once a course has been finished and the treatment goals are achieved, it is only necessary for 'touch ups' once or twice a year to keep the condition under control. Five to ten treatments may be recommended, or less depending on your personal goals. Each treatment takes about 10-20 minutes. After the treatment your skin surface is smoother and feels rejuvenated.

Does it hurt?

As the light energy is absorbed by the cromophore, it feels much like a rubber band snap or pin-prick with heating sensation. However no anaesthesia is required and most patients describe the sensation as a little bit uncomfortable but not painful at all.

Can this treatment help me clear a vascular birthmark/ port -wine stain?

Yes! On your initial consultation our experienced staff will observe your skin condition to determine if this treatment is right for you or if laser treatment may be necessary.

Aftercare instructions:

During your initial consultation you will receive detailed information of aftercare instructions.

  • After the treatment the treated area may be red for 1-3 hours and have a mild to moderate sunburned feeling that may persist in the treated areas for the next 2-3 days. The use of cold compresses and aloe vera gel or spray helps to decrease any itching or skin irritation. Avoid picking any scabs!!
  • Do not use soaps, cosmetics or irritating creams/ scrubs that might cause allergic reactions to your skin Do not use perfume on the treated area!
  • Make sure to protect your skin with a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 every morning before going outdoors for the next 4 weeks to avoid sun induced brown discoloration of the skin!  VERY IMPORTANT!
  • Do not suntan or use the tanning bed and do not use self tanning lotions for 1 week AFTER the treatment!
  • For a couple of days after treatment, the treated area will be more sensitive, therefore do not take hot baths, massage and avoid the sauna! Avoid rubbing irritation and scratching the skin!
  • Until the redness on treated area is faded you are not allowed to shave!
  • Use cosmetics that match your skin type and rich in active ingredients. Our staff will help you pick the right product.

Following the aftercare instructions is STRICTLY your own responsibility and if you do not follow the aftercare instructions you do that at your own risk. The Salon nor their employees are responsible for any loss or damage due to improper aftercare.



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